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Call a doctor if your Oggcast lasts more than 90 minutes.
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A Linux / FOSS show with a strong Scottish flavour hosted by ThistleWeb and Kevie. This show carries a strong language warning.
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Deadbeat Guitarist Mugcast
A disorganized stream of beer consciousness hosted by a man now to lazy to play guitar because the call of the brew is too strong. Hear him ramble on the topics of beer, music and Linux whenever he gets around to it.
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GNU World Order
Join Klaatu (ex-mac user) on his journey to save earth from evil patent encumbered codecs. This show is full of GNU, Linux, and Free Software goodness. This is the very first Oggcast known to man! This show is also available in Speex.
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Information Underground
Information Underground is a more-or-less monthly audiocast starring klaatu, deepgeek, and lostnbronx, who pontificate, promulgate, and ruminate on topics that range far and wide beyond the tech world. This show is available only in Speex.
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Juiced Penguin
A musical Oggcast for and by the Ogg community. NetSafe music from all genres. Rock, Blues, Metal, Country, Classical, etc… Any Flavor of music is welcome to be showcased. Listener supported, meaning you have the opportunity to DJ up your own stuff. If you want to do a regular show GREAT, if you just want to do one show, that's great too. Tune in and listen, or submit a show so everyone can listen. May contain explicit material (dirty words) ;)
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Kernel Panics Oggcast
Maybe some of you have heard of the Linux Cranks? Maybe not, either way come join six of the old hosts each fortnight as they discuss all the latest linux news, linux gadgets and whatever else pops up. Be that basket weaving, fishing, woodwork, recipes, you name it. The Kernelpanic Oggcast is recorded "Live" every fortnight on talkshoe 10pm EST (give or take) Saturdays, Sunday Arvo's for the Ozzies.
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Every month, Michael Sheldon present the podcast showcasing the most listened to free music on The podcast is produced using the free software audio suite, Jokosher.
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All episodes can be downloaded from the Internet Archive.

Lotta Linux Links
Listen to my southern accent as I talk about linux, linux apps, cool linux sites, and tutorials. If you want to listen to a geek talk about linux, then give this a try.
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MythTV Cast
This show is about MythTV. MythTV is an open-source PVR that allows you to record tv programs (and filter out all the commercials) as well as manage all your media: your photos, music, and dvd collection. We will explore all of these features and more throughout this podcast. Please join us as explore this wonderful application.
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The incoherant babblings of lostnbronx.
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Tech & Loathing
One Tech Over the Line
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TuxJam is a show by Kevie which takes a look at some of the application and distros that have been released in the open source community and mixes in a variety of music to make the show both informative and entertaining.
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