IRC Rules

IRC Rules and Guidelines:

 We want Oggcast Planet ( #oggcastplanet ) to be clean, friendly, knowledgable place to hang out and have fun. We don't want our community to be associated with dirty, filthy words or content. Here are a few rules that everyone should abide by.

1.) Bad Language and Behavior: Foul language, swearing and bad jokes containing adult content is better kept off the channel. Linking to explicit content (such as porn) is not allowed. Also, do not spam bots with repeated useless requests as that also spoils the service for others. In other words, keep it clean, friendly and open for everyone.

2.) Flooding: Don't paste more than 3 lines. If you have to show something to someone which is longer than 3 lines use one of many available pastebin services like

3.) To those who break these rules, and hence disrupt the good atmosphere in the channel, we will issue only one warning before taking further action (usually a kick). In cases of persistent attempts of disrupting the channel further (by coming back and still continuing to make trouble) moderator will set a ban. Basically, second warning results in a kick and third warning results in a potential ban.

4.) These rules and guidelines are based on general freenode policies!

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